Headache Solved

Those that have known me for a while know that I’ve been dealing with a persistent headache for several years now. It’s not the kind of headache with sharp pains or one that has debilitating effects. The headache is more of a dull numb sensation that spans my forehead and just wears me down as the day progresses.

Fortunately, over-the-counter medication didn’t help. I’ve tried them all: ones for migraines, tension headaches, sinus headaches and everything in between. I even decided to give a neurologist a try. All I got from that experience was further disappointment of the medical industry and a prescription with some nasty potential side effects to my stomach. It wasn’t work the risk.

The last failed attempt to address the problem with drugs was Botox injections. That did nothing but burn more money.

Having learned of the connection between the stomach and forehead in Chinese medicine, I started focusing on my diet. While I found the most energetic diet for me was pescatarian, it didn’t address the headache.

 The right path

I’ve been dabbling with martial arts for several years at Atlanta Martial Arts Center and have learned a lot about the potential of the human body.

While learning to punch, I was taught the importance of relaxation. Turns out I was way more tense that I thought or even felt. The wake up call was a simple 20 second Chi Sao training video Sifu Alan Baker suggested we record so that I could practice the form. When I watched the video I couldn’t believe how tense I looked. From then on I started focusing on relaxation.

During Buddha Breathing exercises, I noticed how rough my stomach motion was. Combined with overall body relaxation focus, I started working on my breathing. I didn’t set aside a specific time, it was all the time. While at my desk, in the car or even in a meeting I would practice Buddha Breathing. Then one day it happened.

My stomach relaxed. I looked like I gained 15-20lbs, but the headache was gone! Pretty unbelievable after so much time, but it didn’t go away for good. I found that I would unconsciously tense my stomach muscles and the headache would return. The good thing is that I finally have correlation and causality.

There are decades of a bad habit that will take weeks to undo and I’m good with that. The important thing is that I’m on the path.


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