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Everyone refactors

After having worked with people in most aspects business, one of my favorite moments of enlightenment was the realization that everyone refactors.

Project management doesn’t use this term when requirements change or timelines are arbitrarily moved and they have to adjust the plan.

Product management doesn’t use this term when someone higher up wants more “cow bell”.

Management doesn’t use this term when the executive team decides to add a new project to an already unrealistic agenda.

And the list goes on… Every group is given challenges all the time. In addition, everyone is learning all the time. Some of the time this knowledge requires change. Good people will not knowingly fail.

They are all making adjustments based on new information. Refactoring.

I have never written code, walked away and never touched it again. As I gain more information about how all the pieces fit together

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Headache Solved

Those that have known me for a while know that I’ve been dealing with a persistent headache for several years now. It’s not the kind of headache with sharp pains or one that has debilitating effects. The headache is more of a dull numb sensation that spans my forehead and just wears me down as the day progresses.

Fortunately, over-the-counter medication didn’t help. I’ve tried them all: ones for migraines, tension headaches, sinus headaches and everything in between. I even decided to give a neurologist a try. All I got from that experience was further disappointment of the medical industry and a prescription with some nasty potential side effects to my stomach. It wasn’t work the risk.

The last failed attempt to address the problem with drugs was Botox injections. That did nothing but burn more money.

Having learned of the connection between the stomach and forehead in Chinese

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